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Vetsville USA - A safe harbor in times of uncertainty.

Our mission and purpose is to bridge the gap to guide them to a new destiny.

Veterans face a truly challenging transition when they return to civilian life. They must reinvent themselves. They go from the military's structured routine to a completely unstructured environment where they are under constant pressure to integrate into independence and self-sufficiency. Veterans must make life-changing decisions quickly, many times without coaching and guidance that hold the key to options that lead to successful outcomes. VetsvilleUSA wants to eliminate uncertainty and doubts in their minds. We want vets armed with confidence and self-assurance, ready to compete in today's job market, making wise decisions that pay dividends which change their lives.

VetsvilleUSA provides a four-step approach to success for our vets – housing, counseling, training/education and employment. We provide housing in our Living and Resource Centers for our men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life when they are making critical civilian career decisions. More and more of our veterans are recognizing that they need to upgrade their education to compete in our tough job market. We provide life coaching and counseling to assess goals, which helps veterans advance toward employment or entrepreneurship, receiving a secure a place in life's journey toward financial security.

VetsvilleUSA wants optimum opportunity for each of our veterans. They deserve OUR best as they gave us THEIR best. Our career counseling program "CAP" is Career Action Plan, a step-by-step approach to their career success and financial security. Our vets wear their “CAP” proudly! We counsel vets in developing goal-oriented options which bring into focus training through our educational partnerships in Hydroponics and Horticulture, the most dynamic educational gateway to a solid future in the 21st century and ranked as the number one sustainable agricultural threshold for career-seekers.

Our entrepreneurship program develops opportunities for vets to own and operate their “Freight Farm”, a 320-square-foot “leafy green machine” growing plants and herbs without soil as we transform our vets into business owners, realizing their goals, with VetsvilleUSA their "bridge" to a secure future. In all that VetsvilleUSA does, we want “Victories for Vets”, life-changing experiences that bring out the best in those whose best was given for us!

We will soon be adding programs in Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Business Management and others as our ongoing goal is to meet the veterans' career goals.

  • Aim - Improve quality of life of our Veterans
  • How? - Life coaching/counseling +vocational training/college programs = employment
  • Target Audience - Calling out to all veterans!

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What can VetsvilleUSA do for you?

VetsvilleUSA works with veterans in vocational training of food and hydroponic farming in all 50 states and U.S. territories.

VetsvilleUSA is introducing a fresh new technology – a hydroponic Freight Farm – where student VETERAN farmers can grow crops year-round in an indoor environment. Created in a discarded shipping container converted into a fully operational hydroponic farm known as the Leafy Green Machine, the Freight Farm will be primarily managed by VetsvilleUSA. Using the latest in farm-management technologies such as cloud-synced growth data, live camera feeds and a smartphone app that monitors and controls light, CO2, oxygen, nutrients and water levels inside the container anytime, anywhere, the student vets will get hands-on experience planting and harvesting lettuce.

Vetsville's hydroponics program will provide VETERANS with the experience of eating the food they grow while enhancing their knowledge of sustainable agriculture, It will offer experiential learning outside of the classroom and will prepare our VETERANS for the future. The introduction of the technology will not only help reinforce ongoing sustainability efforts, but will also encourage and inspire VETERANS to be entrepreneurs, in business for themselves, either leasing or buying their own Leafy Green Machine.

The first harvest should occur six to eight weeks after the initial planting. Crops are herbicide and pesticide free, and are not harmful to soil structures through the hydroponic closed environment system. The Leafy Green Machine can produce 800-1,200 heads of fresh lettuce in just a week—the equivalent to the yield of one acre. It uses 90 percent less water than outdoor farming and is sustainable year round.

Freight Farms are insulated, and all the systems including pumps, irrigation, and LED growing lights are digitally controlled. Water containing nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other nutrients are pumped from a 330-gallon reservoir into tubes that distribute the mixture over the roots of the plants in the towers.

VetsvilleUSA has partnered with Cal Poly Pomona's College of Extended University to create a one-of-a-kind fuly accredited agricultural certificate program. Coursework includes the following:

  • Sustainable farming production methods
  • Agricultural Irrigation Planning and Techniques
  • Hydro-Organics (Organic Hydroponic Techniques)
  • Greenhouse Design Considerations
  • Farm Ownership and Management
  • Business Development and Implementation
  • Business Plan Development
  • A Hands-On Training Approach
  • Introduction to/ and Farm Service Agency Loan Programs Training
  • Introduction to the Agricultural Marketplace and Network

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